Facebook Instant Games

Facebook Instant Games allows people to find and play games directly in the News Feed or Messenger conversations, on both desktops and mobile devices.

What are Facebook Instant Games?

NameTest Apps is glad to announce the intgration of Facebook Instant games, which will allow you to publish your website into Facebook Instant games without any extra efforts. All your quizzes will be listed on Instant games platform as soon as you publish and get your app reviewed.

How do I monetize?

Once you get your instant game approved, You can apply for Facebook Audience network. FAN is great way to monetize your instant games.

Do I need to create Quizzes again?

Nope, If you are existing client and running the platform over the web, Your content can be reused on instant games.

Which one plan this is available in?

Instant games are currently available with just pro plan, If you are existing customer, you can upgrade to PRO plan to get benefit, If you are a new user you must buy PRO plan to install instant games.

If you have any other questions feel free to reach over to [email protected]