NameTest Apps as Quiz Platform

What is Nametest Apps? How to make money from Nametest Apps?.

nametestapps gdpr updates Nowadays quizzes are most viral and engaging campaigns on the Facebook also the quiz is one of the advantageous to collect the email. The Facebook quiz app is the most versatile app in the Facebook market. It works well with all kind of audience. The quiz simply didn’t go viral. It needs two factors i.e. the creation of the quiz and content promotion. Most of the brands have their secret formula for virality, but one platform certainly does i.e Nametest Apps. From this platform, you can make viral quizzes for your brand.

What is Nametest apps?
Nametest app is a powerful platform that lets you build viral personality quizzes, face morphing quizzes, face app quizzes etc.

The most important feature of this platform is it works on all devices also setting up and getting started is really easy.
It will increase your traffic, social share and reach.
Peoples like to play the quizzes. If they remember you and your brand so more possibilities that you will get more followers. Using Nametest App you will create 25 type of quizzes. Check out all packages .

Why You Should Choose Nametest Apps:
The websites come with following major features includes ( depending on the package you select ) More than 25 types of quizzes including Instagram filters, Face Morphing Quizzes and Face App quizzes. Face morphing quizzes:

The app morph faces by merging in facial features. For example, You are playing this quiz. FaceApp Quiz
The app can transform a face to make it smile, look younger, look older, or even change gender

Ability to collect emails/send newsletters.
Nametest Apps also stores emails from users who have played the quiz, You can send them your daily content in newsletters.

A simple admin panel that you can easily create quizzes yourself.

Setup pixel, Google analytics and logo, so you can just focus on traffic.

Google Analytics Integration and Adsense Integration:

You can track google analytics and you can also paste your ads via admin panel.

Ability to create story type content.
Real time quiz result: Building viral, shareable and engaging quizzes are the easier to make with the Nametest Apps Platform. 7. Documentation + Awesome Support

Nametest Apps Packages:

Nametest apps come with 3 packages i.e PRO, STANDARD and BASIC. Take a look at Packages. The pro packages come with Facebook permissions which means the platform brings the Facebook permissions on behalf of you.

nametestapps gdpr updates How does Nametest Apps Quiz work?
Creating any kind of personality quiz is super easy, You can view some live demo from here.

Creating viral quizzes ultimately you will make money from quizzes. Nametest Apps provide you with a platform, using your skills and creativity you can make viral quizzes very easily. More than 40% of social shares and Like funnel to grow: NAMETEST APPS platform has the proven share rate of 40% Hence the chances you will go viral is pretty much higher. Also, users can share their results via Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Nametest Apps give you 100% satisfaction guarantee, If you are not happy with the platform for any reason, you will get your money back within 7 days of your purchase.