CaseStudy: How Aung made $1k in just two weeks with Nametestapps

Aung Hein the blogger who started with Nametest Apps Quiz Platform last month.

He gave his one week experience with Nametest Apps so far. What he said about Nametest Apps:

“First all of I would like to say is that is not selling a php viral script. It will not come with ready made php script package with self-installing features. Instead of the script, website will be built by nametestapps team. This is the beauty of”

He added “My satisfaction level on my website developed by nametestapps is very high.” “To summarize, is worth to try and it offers the best experience of quiz website.”

You can reach to him via his blog or his website here. Nametest Apps always make sure that users are utilizing 100% of the platform. With the ROI he shared with our growth team. All over revenue with-in 2 weeks was near to 1k USD. He is also willing to start a few more sites. We are excited to see how it goes.