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Nametest Apps is a Powerful Platform that lets you build viral personality quizzes, face morphing quizzes, faceapp quizzes and viral stories. Hence more traffic, social shares & reach. It works on all devices, setting up and getting started is really easy.

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Personality quizzes are getting the most traction these days, Using nametest apps platform you can create almost 25 types of quizzes, check out our packages to find more.

Create Viral FaceApp & Face Morphing Tests

Using the nametest apps admin panel you can create varities of quizzes that includes the faceapp and face morphing that went viral recently over facebook.

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Build Most Engaging Personality Quizzes

Building viral, engaging personality quizzes is super easy with NAMETEST APPS platform. Examples include “Which cartoon character are you?”, “Where you will get married to?” and “How would you look like in a opposite sex?”. Using personality quizzes, you’ll get more social shares, guaranteed.

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More than 40% of social shares and Like funnel to grow

NAMETEST APPS platform has the proven share rate of 40% Hence the chances you will go viral is pretty much higher. Also users can share their results via Facebook, Twitter or whatsapp

Also we display a like funnel whilst the quiz result is being generated. This helps you to grow. we have a proven 15% conversion on like funnel. Hence you a good chance to grow while producing engaging quizzes.

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Capture Emails

NAMETEST APPS also collects emails from users who has played quiz, You can send them your daily content in newsletters, You can also promote your mobile app or re-target your users using the list.

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Google analytics Integration & Adsense Integration

Track the google analytics events, You can also paste your adsense ads via admin panel

See Quiz Results in real time

While people are enjoying quizzes you can view their quiz results.

“My satisfaction level on my website developed by nametestapps is very high. It offers the features which are not included in any other php viral scripts in the market. It can create quizzes like face morphing, Face swapping..”

– Aung Hein,

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